Past Reunions


Each year, on the anniversary of the sinking, St. Lo survivors and their families come together to renew friendships, share memories and exchange accounts of their personal experiences. Below are some memories from past reunions.


2015 Reunion

New Orleans, LA

2014 Reunion

San Diego, CA

2013 Reunion

St. Petersburg, FL


2012 Reunion

New Orleans, LA

Barbara and the chef who carved the ship ice sculpture.

2011 Reunion

Tulsa, OK

2010 Reunion

Washington, DC



  • Troy Cowan

    re: Ens. S.R. Cowan, (aka, “Dusty”, 5th row down the picture/2nd from the left; flew FM-2’s, preferably #13) — He was my Dad. Am trying to reconstruct his duty history (his service files went unclaimed and were destroyed). I understand from some of his stories that he joined the VC-65 when its was ‘reconstituted’ and became part of the Northern invasion fleet (carrier assignment unknown). He also talked about flying patrols over Japanese airfields, after the surrender. This ring a bell with anyone? Looking for additional info, new stories, confirmations, contacts, etc. Am wanting to pass the history to G-Kids, GG-Kids, and on down the line. Many thanks for anything you can share – Troy

  • Holly West

    When and where is the next reunion

  • Holly West

    My father Clarence E West was on that ship he sadly passed away in 1979 he would be so proud to see this page

    • Dena Whipple

      Hi Holly, I’m so happy to hear that your father would’ve enjoyed this website! I’m guessing that, by now, you’ve noticed the website update about the next reunion being in Florida. I’ve never been able to make it to a reunion, but my grandpa, before he passed away, and others in my family enjoyed them a lot. (My dad and stepmom even organized one of them!)