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Guestbook Archive 2005-11

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  • Charles Olah

    Hello, just wondering if anyone knew or remembered Alex S.Olah AOM3c. He was my uncle and never came home from the war and i never got to meet him. Just anything would help. I served in the U.S. Navy myself onboard the U.S.S. Puget Sound AD 38 from 1974-1974. Thank you for any information you can give me.

  • Alice

    Just want to express my deep gratitude to the men of USS St. Lo. As for me and my house, we will never forget. My dad was with the landing forces inside Leyte Gulf, aboard USS Mt. Olympus during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. God Bless all of the WWII Veterans!

  • Alan Woolman

    My father, Lt. (JG) Alan D. Woolman, was one of the men who did not survive the sinking of the St. Lo. Apparently, his evacuation station was at the stern of the ship, which, as can be seen from the photos of the sinking, was not the place to be. On a prior URL I read that one of the crewmen, just as he was about to abandon ship, found on the deck the engine serial number plate of the Zero which sank the ship and took it with him (a photo of which was posted on the prior Website). Years later it was traced back to the pilot of the plane, Lt. Yukio Seki of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Lt. Seki left behind a wife and infant, as did my father. The war was not good for either side. No war is. For those of you who might be curious, attached is a photo purported to be of Lt. Seki (I have my own of my father, whom I never knew.)

  • Terry Hulford

    I love to connect with any veterans out there that knew my Dad, Ed Scanlan, when the St Louis was in Pearl Harbor or previous or before Pearl Harbor. My Dad passed away on April 12, 2013, and I would really like some history of his time in the Navy.

  • Jaqueline

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  • Jim Burns

    My great uncle was Chief Machinist Mate Roland Blair from Boston. He was one of the crew killed when the St Lo sank on October 25, 1944. Was wondering if anyone remembers him ?

  • Patricia Brunk (Harris)

    When my mother recently passed, I finally discovered the information regarding my father’s service and survival aboard the St. Lo. during October 24-25 1944 battle off Somar. I had not seen my father since I was 7 years old and he passed later with my never seeing him again. I wished I could have known him. Anyone knowing anything about my father Leonard G. Harris S2c it would be greatly appreciated. I know he was awarded a purple heart for his injuries during the battle.

  • Patricia

    Daughter of USS St Lo Survivor Thomas P. Westheider

    • Patricia

      I just wanted to add this site for anyone interested in reading about the USS St Lo.. My Dad is still alive and living in Florida.. He does not talk much about this time in his life unless we ask him for one of the kids essays in school .. I sent him lots of the articles and pictures I have found online..

      Thank you to all who served for our country..

  • danakincaid

    Does anyone know Robert Tarplee? He was my dad’s cousin, and passed away a few years ago.

  • Denice Wareden Laham

    I would like to know if anyone remembers my father, Lt. Charles R. Warden, USNR. He was an avenger pilot off the USS St. LO. He Survived. Rarely spoke of the war. When he passed in 1991, I found all the letters he had sent to Mother in 1944-1945, along with many more items.

  • Nan Giblin

    Hello, my father, Kenneth T. Johnson, served on the St. Lo and survived. He frequently talked about the sinking of the ship. After every family dinner, he would tell the story of that morning; every year the number of details would increase. I am wondering if anyone remembers my dad. Also, I would like to know if there will be a reunion in 2014.

  • David Wilson

    Tomorrow being the day the USS St. Lo Midway was sunk I will remember all that served aboard her. My father Donald D Wilson survivor God Bless You All.

  • Jason Rusbult

    My grandpa’s cousin was Charles Rusbult AMM3c, one of the survivors. Just a quick note that he passed away on Friday October 24th, 1 day short of 60 years after the attack.

    • Kim Philibotte

      My father, George Tarnowski was aboard the St. Lo when it was sunk. He was

  • Janette Fletcher

    Hello and thank you to any service member or their family who is reading this post. I just wanted to say that my wonderful uncle, Clifford (Cliff) Collins was aboard the St. Lo during her final voyage. He survived and went on to join the Marine Corps afterward. My uncle passed away later in life and is buried at the Riverside National Cemetery in California. My youngest and my godson serve in the Navy now, as did my father. I just wanted to say how proud I am of the sailors and other military members our family has produced and how thankful I am for those who are willing to serve and the families that stand behind them. What’s right is rarely easy.

  • Tracey

    Mark capalia was my dad he was a loving Father and loved his 2 granddaughters he passed away in 2007 and rescued one of his shipmates years ago from what I herd. The muzzle is priceless looks Awsome from what I saw on here. Thank y’all for your service and dedication. “Mark capalia’s daughter Tracey”

  • Mark Wilson

    Hello, My father was Robert (Bob) Wilson and served under the ship’s name Midway and also when the name was changed to the USS St. Lo and was serving the day she was sunk. He survived and went on to become a wonderful father of a daughter, and 2 sons. Was married to my mom until her death. He served as civilian as a supervisor at NAS Jacksonville, Florida where he retired. He use to talk about being on the ship but not a lot of details. He passed away in 2005. I had a found an old book about the aircraft carriers in a antique store, and it talked of the St Lo. It was chilling to read, as it was almost a word by word account of what my father had told me. Please comment if you knew him. To all crew on board, thank you for your service.

  • Edwin N. Williams

    I wonder if any of you remember my father, Carl Edwin Williams, S2C, who survived the kamikaze attack on the St. Lo. He died while I was in college in 1962, and I don’t recall ever hearing him speak of that experience. Maybe he talked about it with his fellow veterans. I’m doing a brief history of our family’s military service for our son, a young lawyer. I’m looking for details of the rescue.

  • Roy E. Place

    My father, LT. Kenneth E. Place and his good friend, LT. George Beneze survived the Kamikazee strike that sunk the St. Lo … both recovered from their wounds and remained friends in their super civilian lives after the war ended.
    I was fortunate to have Kenneth as my Dad … and received the bonus of sharing George’s life as he and Dad continued their Reserve activities and civilian endeavors.
    Gone now, of course, but greatly missed.
    Thanks to them and their St. Lo shipmates for their valued service to our freedom
    Roy E. Place,Major, USMC (retired)oyeplace@yahoo.comr

  • Blake Hammack

    my great great uncle, Arthur Crittenden, was below the deck when the kamikaze hit. He gave his lifejacket to a man who I think is named Tom lovet. If you know anything about them please let me know.

  • Ron Osborn

    My Dad and I plan to attend the St. Lo reunion in Pensacola 2016. He was a signalman while on the St. Lo and the Midway before the name change. He is looking forward to meeting everyone. He has told me a lot of stories about the war. He told me of being rescued by the destroyer Dennis that was sinking while he was on the deck and then was transferred to the aircraft carrier Franklin that limped into port.

  • William C. Brooks III

    This Veterans Day…I remember my dad Bill Brooks Jr. Avenger pilot aboard the St. Lo. As with most of those guys, he was a very reluctant hero. I have been to a few St. Lo reunions over the years, what an amazing group of people. I am going to try to attend in 2017

  • Tim Cragin

    Hello. My cousin, Marleau Cragin, was a photographer on St Lo. He died when the ship was sunk. Would anybody remember him? Many thanks.

  • Ruanne Radke Skeels

    My Uncle Edward E Radke was lost at sea Oct 25, 1944 when the ship sunk. Does anyone recognize his name
    or knew him? Living family has no information…

  • Mark Synovitz

    Chief Ship’s Clerk Joseph Cecil Doucette survived the 25 Oct 1944 sinking of the USS St. Lo. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1922 at the age of 18. I am learning the details of his 30-year career in the U.S. Navy and the fascinating story of the USS St. Lo, for I recently wrote to the National Personnel Records Center and successfully obtained a copy of Joe’s very thick personnel file. I am proud to share with you a family photo of Joe and his wife, Henrietta “Eula” (Nye) Doucette (my grand-aunt). Joe died in 1961 and is buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery. Joe’s name is not listed among the survivors who were rescued by the USS Dennis. I am seeking to know by what ship he was rescued.